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Safety resources for Coaches and Referees:

Player Safety

In the event of an injury, your first responsibility is to insure that the player is safe and, if required, receives medical care.  Call 911 for help if needed.

Concussions:  Any player who in the opinion of the referee, coach, or parent, shows any symptom of a concussion must be removed from play for the game or practice, and by California State Law evaluated by a health care professional experienced in evaluating concussions before returning to practice or play.  The Region 36 Participation Release includes a concussion release form which must be completed before the player can practice or play.  An AYSO Incident Report and a Kids Zone Feedback report should be completed as soon as possible. (Incident Reports should be scanned or photographed, and sent to the Region 36 Safety Director at [email protected].)

Other Serious Injury:  Players should be removed from play and obtain any necessary treatment. As for a concussion, a Region 36 Participation Release must be completed before the player can practice or play.  AYSO Incident Report and Kids Zone Feedback reports should be completed as soon as possible. (Incident Reports should be scanned or photographed, and sent to the Region 36 Safety Director at [email protected].)

Bleeding:  A players who is bleeding must leave the field immediately and may not return until bleeding is stopped and the wound is covered.  Clothing with blood on it must be replaced or the blood neutralized with a disinfectant.  Coaches are encouraged to carry a spare jersey (if one is available).  With the permission of the referee, a like-colored shirt may be substituted for the jersey if required.

Soccer Accident Insurance:  Please remind parents of the Soccer Accident Insurance (SAI).  SAI provides supplemental medical coverage.  Parents are strongly encouraged to file a claim soon after an injury – and in all cases no later than 90 days after the injury.  Information is available on the website <here>.

Player Privacy:  Help protect player identities by not posting names with pictures or jersey numbers and rosters on public websites, banners or in newspapers.


Youth Volunteers:  PRO-Refs (youth referees) must have their Volunteer Application Form with them at all times.  (The application form includes an Emergency Treatment Authorization.)

Training:  San Mateo AYSO requires that all volunteers must complete the Safe Haven training module every two years and coaches complete the Concussion training module.  Specific training programs are offered for Coaches, Referees and Board Members.  If you are volunteering in one of these positions, you must take the training modules appropriate for your level of participation.

Safety on the Field:

Kids Zone:  All fields for AYSO practice and games are AYSO Kids Zone areas.  "Kids zone" is a program that encourages fans on the sidelines, and anyone else near the play, to use positive language, show sportsmanship in their attitude and behavior, and create a great experience for every player.  It’s a reminder that the soccer fields are a kid’s zone – a friendly, happy, wholesome place for children to play.  If you see something at practice or on the field you think we should know about – good or bad – please file a Kids Zone Feedback report to let us know.

Soccer Goals:  Soccer goals can be dangerous if damaged or climbed upon.  Do not allow children to climb on the goals.  If the goal is damaged remove it from the field and file a Kids Zone Feedback report.

First Aid Kits:  A first aid kit is required at all practices and games.  Please contact your division coordinator for a replacement kit if required.  A first aid kit is usually available during the game in the equipment locker at the fields.

Feedback and Incident Reports:

The Kids Zone Feedback report is the preferred method of alerting the region of issues on the field.  Entries are read by the Regional Commissioner, Safety Director and a few key board members.  Information is shared with the division, referee, or coach administrator as appropriate.

Kids Zone Feedback is expected of registered volunteers if any of the following events occur:

  • Referees need to file a report if they issue a caution (yellow card) or ejection (red card), or if a parent or other volunteer is asked to leave the field
  • Behaviors inconsistent with Kids Zone such as abusive language.  Note - when youth volunteers are refereeing, there is zero tolerance on non-supportive language
  • Any injury that has a player leave the field or any symptom of a concussion.  Note: an Incident report is also required.

An AYSO Incident Report is required whenever there is a serious incident.  Incident reports are required by AYSO for all injuries, symptoms of a concussion, threats of bodily harm, fighting, property damage, hospitalization, or if law enforcement is involved in an AYSO practice, game or event.  Incident reports are usually filled out by the coach but may be filled out by anybody.  Please also file a Kids Zone Feedback whenever an Incident Report is required.  Incident Reports should be scanned or photographed, and sent to the Region 36 Safety Director at [email protected].

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