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San Mateo AYSO - Coaching Resources & Frequently Asked Questions

(Last updated July 21st, 2019)

Thanks for volunteering!  Whether you are new or returning, see below for answers to all your coaching needs.  And if it is not listed below, feel free to reach out to your Regional Coach Admin – Karn Johal – for additional assistance. 

FAQ1: What do I need to do to be ready for the season?

FAQ2:  What's new for 2019?

FAQ3:  When and where can I take pre-season training (and become Coach Certified)?

FAQ4: I am looking for training activities and session ideas. Any suggestions?

FAQ5:  How can I get help from professional coaches (like UK Soccer)?

FAQ6:  Do you offer goalkeeper clinics?

FAQ7: There was an injury at training (or in the game).  What do I do?

FAQ8:  I have an issue with a referee, a spectator, a player and/or a match-day incident to report.  Any guidance?

FAQ9:  Do you take "special requests" from coaches?


FAQ1: What do I need to do to be ready for the season?

See below for a summary checklist – applicable for both new and returning coaches.

1.      Get (Online) Registered! Complete the volunteer registration section under the registration link above.  Even if you coached last year, this is needed annually to get you approved by the AYSO National Office for the entire season.

2.      Get (Online) Educated! Do this at AYSO-U (  There you can find Concussion Certification (mandatory once), Safe Haven Certification (needed every two years), and age-appropriate on-line Coach Training (for U6-U10, for U12 and higher training is in-person only).   Start today!

3.      Get (In-Person) Certified! Register for Field Sessions via AYSO-U.  There will be multiple options across the Peninsula throughout July & August.  In-region options will be listed below.  For your efforts, you will get a Coaching Credential that you can wear with pride on game days.

4.      Get Equipped!  When the rosters are released (in early August), you will receive a bag, balls, uniforms, cones… everything you need to run a successful season.  Except for enthusiasm: for that the kids of San Mateo will be looking to you for inspiration!


FAQ2:  What's new for 2019?

A couple of key changes for 2019:
(1) There have been some high-impact Laws of the Game Changes that you will need to be aware of.  These include the coin-toss (winning team can decide if they want to start with the ball  or direction of attack), and goal-kicks (ball is in play when it moves - there is no longer a need for it to leave the area).  Be sure to attend the Coach Meeting for more guidance on what this means for you.

(2) We are trying to improve our ability to Balance Teams each season.  This year we will have a second assessment card for you to complete and pass to your opposing coach.  You will also receive one - to use to identify & rate players, which will serve as a significant data point to their end-of-season rating.  More details will be supplied by your Division Coordinator, and please plan to attend the Coach Meeting for guidance and questions.

FAQ3:  When and where can I take pre-season training (and become Coach Certified)?

Only individuals who have completed age-appropriate training are allowed in the coach area on game day.  No exceptions. No badge, no coach.  What you learn WILL benefit the children.

Important notes:

  1. Training comprises of "classroom" based training, and in-person fieldwork.  You must complete all pieces in order to gain your certification and your age-appropriate Coaching Badge.

  2. Click here for instructions on how to use the AYSOU Website to register for a class, or take a course.   

  3. The same course is available in nearby regions.  The table below is our latest understanding of what is available, and when.  The content, and the final certification, is the same, so feel free to enroll there instead.  (Note - the instructor will vary, so they may have a different viewpoint on pre-requisites and time to deliver:  check with them for guidance).

  4. If you have any questions or challenges with the schedule/requirements, contact your Division Coordinator or [email protected]
6U Coach 8U Coach 10U Coach 12U Coach
Sat 20-Jul Burlingame (PM)
Sat 3-Aug San Mateo (AM) San Mateo (AM) Redwood City (AM) Redwood City (AM)
Mon 5-Aug Foster City (Eve) Foster City (Eve)
Tue 6-Aug Foster City (Eve)
Thu 8-Aug Foster City (Eve)
Sat 10-Aug Mountain View (AM) Burlingame (AM)
Mountain View (PM)
 Wed 14-Aug    Burlingame (Eve)
 Thu 15-Aug    San Mateo (Eve)
Fri 16-Aug Mountain View (Eve)
Sat 17-Aug Redwood City (AM) San Mateo (AM) San Mateo (AM)
Mountain View (PM)
 Thu 22-Aug   San Carlos (Eve) 
Sat 24-Aug San Mateo (AM) San Mateo (AM) Half Moon Bay (PM)
Sunnyvale (PM)
Half Moon Bay (PM)
Sun 25-Aug San Carlos (AM)
Tue 27-Aug San Carlos (Eve)
 Wed 28-Aug   Burlingame (Eve)
Thu 29-Aug Burlingame (Eve)
San Carlos (Class+Field)

: I am looking for training activities and session ideas. Any suggestions?

Simply googling "Soccer Drills" is a good way to find ideas on how to keep your sessions fresh, but if you prefer some suggested resources, you can try the following.  (Note: these are provided as-is i.e. not necessarily AYSO endorsed, and if you find dead links or a better resource worth sharing, let [email protected] know).

Resource Access Notes
 San Mateo Coach Guide With a focus on the AYSO philosophy of Player Development, and in order to create greater consistency across the San Mateo coaches, we have developed a downloadable reference for you to use.  This is important - if all coaches use a similar approach, then when players join your team next season they will already be in a familiar format. 
 FIFA 11+ A complete warm-up program to reduce injuries among male and female football players aged 14 years and older. Also includes conditioning elements.
 UK Soccer Training Plans Username: AYSO36, Password: uksoccer
From our training and mentoring partners, some nice illustrated training activities categorized by age.
For more information click this link.


  • All sessions should contain Free-play, Warm-up, Technical, Tactical, Scrimmage & Warm-down activities.
  • The time spent in each portion will be age-dependent.  For younger ages (U6-U10) technical activities will be your primary focus.
  • For the warm-up, the first six activities of the FIFA 11+ recommended warm-up routine will be adopted for U10 and above. 
  • When UK Soccer Coaches are involved, their primary role is mentoring coaches - they will be assessing and assisting you and NOT substituting for you in the session.


FAQ5:  How can I get help from professional coaches (like UK Soccer)?  

We have partnered with UK International Soccer, a nationwide AYSO-endorsed partner, to deliver the best in Player Development and Positive Coaching options.   These are European-coach certified individuals, who will be visiting the city-permitted practice fields and working in sessions to develop YOU as a coach – giving you the means to develop your players.

The process for assigning a UK Soccer coach-mentor for a session takes two minutes and starts with requesting one via this link here:

Once requested - please wait for confirmation from the Coach Assignor.  This will likely take a few days.  The coaches will be field-assigned based on demand, so early requests are appreciated.

Other important notes around this:

  • New requestors will always have priority i.e. if you already have had the UK Coach attend your session, you are welcome to request a repeat session, but it will be prioritized behind new requests.
  • They are there to help you become a better coach.  Yes, that can mean they show you how to manage a session by example. but as much as possible they will be observing and offering tips and guidance. 

Any questions?  Contact [email protected]


FAQ6:  Do you offer goalkeeper clinics?

Yes - in collaboration with UK Soccer we offer a special clinic for skill development as a goalkeeper.  This is a challenging role that is tough to fully incorporate in a training session for many coaches, so consider this as a great alternative: 

90-second sign-ups for this can be found here:

We anticipate this will be a popular session, and we wish to maximize the benefit of the program so please review the following important notes:

  1. The focus here is Player Development.  Participants are expected to be actively engaged, and willing to learn.
  2. Sessions will be scheduled once enough kids in a particular age-group have registered an interest.  Expect a notification with at least three days notice.
  3. We have the capacity to run up to eight sessions this season, likely on Fridays at Bay Meadows (To be confirmed).
  4. We expect each session to be 60-to-90-minutes in duration, so plan appropriately
  5. First come, first served. We want as many distinct teams as possible to have at least one trained keeper. So if more than one player from the same team signs-up the second player may be wait-listed.
  6. Expect a confirmation email before the event. Players that show up without pre-registering will likely be turned away.
  7. If you have any other questions, contact [email protected].


FAQ7: There was an injury at training (or in the game).  What do I do?

This is explicitly addressed in the Safety Section of the website.  Make sure you direct the persons responsible for the child's health to this important resource.  Other pointers:

  • When considering whether to return an "injured" player to the field, consider their welfare ahead of the team.  For example, for potentially concussed players - Second Impact Syndrome should be a significant factor in your decision and is one that other adults will also understand.
  • Part of your AYSO fee includes supplemental insurance in the case of injury.  The above link includes the application form for this.
  • Injuries requiring medical attention also require a medical release before the player can be allowed to return to the field.  Please don't make yourself potentially liable - and ensure the paperwork (available at the link) is in place


FAQ8:  I have an issue with a referee, a spectator, a player and/or a match-day incident to report.  Any guidance?

We are continuously looking to develop & deliver a quality youth soccer program that promotes a fun, family environment based on our philosophies.  If you have an issue, or a problem, or simply a suggestion that supports this mission, feel free to raise it via our Kids Zone Feedback page.  This mechanism ensures the details are documented and appropriately escalated. 



 FAQ9:  Do you take "special requests" from coaches?

This depends on the request:

  • You have a preferred person to coach with.  This can typically be allowed as long as the AYSO Philosophy of Balanced Teams is maintained.  Notify your Division Coordinator of your preference as soon as you are contacted and before the team rosters are finalized. 
  • You wish to have specific players in your squad.  As above, the AYSO philosophy of "Balanced Teams" is the priority.  For U8 &below, buddy requests can be honored where practical.  For U10 and higher, only coach-kids & siblings will be specifically assigned common teams.



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