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Concussion Awareness in Youth Sports

Concussions in Youth Sports (including Soccer) is a problem we all need to be aware of.  As parents and coaches, there are specific things we should be attentive to.  Here are some useful resources:

The Center for Disease Control has issued a number of FACT SHEETS:

AYSO concussion training is available from:

  • Concussion training is in the Safe Haven section of the training menu

After an accident...

  1. Your first responsibility is to insure that the player is safe and receives medical care if needed.  Any player who, in the opinion of the referee, coach, or parent, shows any sign or symptom of a concussion must be immediately removed from practice or the game.  Parents are urged to seek medical care from a health care professional experienced in evaluating concussions.
  2. Call for help (911), if needed.
  3. Coaches must have the team's Player Registration Forms at all practices and games.  If you want to make a second copy for your assistant, please make sure that the parents sign the copies.  Many hospitals are unable to treat injuries that are not life-threatening without a medical release.
  4. Please fill out a Kids Zone Feedback report.  Please include everything you can - who, what, when, why, where, weather, etc.  This will be distributed to San Mateo/Region 36 administrators and coordinators as appropriate.
  5. Your coach must fill out the AYSO Incident Report Form.  This will be sent to the AYSO National Office.  Mail the signed form to:

    Region 36 Safety Director, 54 Burbank Ave., San Mateo CA 94403
  6. A signed AYSO Participation Release form must be presented to the coach before the player may return to practice or play.


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