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2013 U12 Tournament Schedule


Saturday 11/16              
  Time Teams (seed) Game #          
  8:30 1 v 8 G1 Team #4 (Mystic Storm) vs. Team #3 (Blue Angels)
  10:30 4 v 5 G2 Team #2 (Wild Thangz) vs. Team #10 (Firecrackers)
  12:30 2 v 7 G3 Team #8 (Green Cha-Ching) vs. Team #6 (Hurricanes)
  2:30 3 v 6 G4 Team #1 (Black Magic) vs. Team # 9 (Purple Minions)
Sunday 11/17              
  9:00 WG1 v WG2 GS1          
  11:00 WG3 v WG4 GS2          
  1:30 WGS1 v WGS2 Finals          

Awards immediately following the final game

U12 Region 36 Tournament Rules
1. U12 games on both Saturday and Sunday will be regulation length, 30 minute halves.
2. The higher ranked team will be considered the Home Team and will supply the game ball.
3. The 3/4 rule play is in effect for all games (same as regular season).   Keeper rules still in effect (1/2 max in goal per player during regulation time).
4. All games tied at the end of regulation will immediately go to two 7 minute overtime periods;
·      Both overtime periods will be played in full (no "Golden Goal").
·      If a game goes into an overtime period, the 3/4 play rule has been satisfied and any player can play in both overtime periods.  No keeper retrictions in Overtime (i.e. any one player can be keeper both periods).
·      Any player sitting out the first overtime period must play the second overtime period. In the event of a tie after both overtime periods the game will be decided by KFM (see #5 below) and only those on the field for the second overtime period are eligible to participate.
5. All games tied at the end of the second overtime period will proceed immediately to a 5 player KFM.  Only players on the field during the second overtime period may participate. If still tied after the first 5 players have attempted their kicks,
    KFM will proceed one player (cannot be one of the initial 5) from each team at a time until a winner is determined. If all players participating in KFM have attempted a kick and the match is still tied, coaches may reorder those players as the one-at-a-time process continues.
6. Sportsmanship points will be awarded as per the regular season.  All teams start with "0" Sportsmanship Points
7. To qualify for the Area Tournament:
·      Teams playing tournament games must have minimum of 5 sportsmanship points.
·      Any team receiving 0 sportsmanship points for any game will not be eligible for the Area Tournament.
8. All coaches must be age appropriate certified to be eligible for Area Tournament.
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