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San Mateo AYSO welcomes back UK Soccer!
Together, we are offering 8 weeks of Team Training, starting Tues Sep 3.

San Mateo AYSO Coaches are invited to bring their team out and hold a practice with the trainers from UK Soccer. 
(UK Soccer was responsible for the AYSO Soccer Summer Camps, and have been leading Coach Field Training classes all summer…)                                               

These UK Trainers are exceptional young coaches with a ton of soccer + coaching experience, and they are excited to work with your teams.
Pease take advantage of this valuable coaching resource!                                                           

WHEN AND WHERE:  Mondays thru Thursdays:  4pm and 5:30pm                                   
Training Fields have been reserved (see sign up for location/day).  Plan to bring your team to the UK Soccer Trainers’ field for this practice session.                                                           

Note - This is not an offer to sit on the sideline and let someone else run your practice.  Plan to be out there, running around and leading your practice.  But come with questions and specific techniques and activities you want help with - The UK Trainers are here to help you have a more productive practice!                       

As in years past, we feel the U10 divisions will get the most from this program, so I will watch the sign up sheet, and as needed give priority to U10 teams.
But this will also be a 1st come, 1st serve system, so sign up early and get time with the UK Trainers…
We have extended our program this year to 8 weeks, so there is lots of opportunity.

Note:  Teams can sign up for 1 session.  If you want to try and come back for an additional session, please contact Adam first, to see if space is avaible.
(We want all teams to have a chance to work with the UK Trainers!)

Please go to our online signup, and pick a time!  We will confirm with you the day before your practice slot.


Questions about the UK Soccer Team Training Sessions?
Contact your RCA, Adam Berenstein –

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