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Let's keep it simple - Why do we coach?
(and these will be on your coach test - Any and all levels...Take note!)

The AYSO Vision To provide world class youth soccer programs that enrich children’s lives.

The AYSO Mission To develop and deliver quality youth soccer programs, which promote a fun, family environment based on the AYSO Philosophies of…

Balanced Teams

Everyone Plays

Positive Coaching

Player Development

Open Registration

Good Sportsmanship

(B.E.P.P.O.G. - A good way to remember your AYSO Philosophies)

So, when you get out on the pitch, be it practice, pre-game warm ups, the heat of a hotly contested match, or a post-game huddle, remember why you are out there.  

Teach your players (by your example) how to respect each other, teammates and opponents, 
how to respect their coaches and the game officials (who are VOLUNTEERS JUST LIKE YOU),
and to, above all, respect the game.

Keep it SAFE, FUN, and FAIR...
Thank you for volunteering!

Adam Berenstein
Regional Coach Administrator 2011
San Mateo AYSO - Region 2/N/36

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