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Welcome San Mateo Region 36 Coaches

We appreciate your time - You can be proud to say, "I contribute to the premier youth soccer organization in the world", AYSO.  Please take a moment to reflect on the reasons for your participation, understand your motivation, and focus on being a great coach for your kids, as well as an ambassador for the 'beautiful game' of soccer.  As  a coach, we have an opportunity to teach teamwork, understanding, respect, and fairness; even if you didn't grow-up with this game, you're sure to appreciate its ideals.  Please be sure to complete your Volunteer Registration annually, at, and submit your signed forms to our Registrar for processing.


The second menu bar (above) has important information regarding the coaching program.  If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact the Regional Coach Administrator, Adam Berenstein, by Email.

2013 - San Mateo AYSO welcomes back UK Soccer!

Together, we are offering 8 weeks of Team Training, Monday thru Thursday,
@ Bayside and Joinville Fields - Training starts Wed Sep 4.

For more information, go to our Coach Tools page

We have access to UK Soccer Online Content!

  • Go to -- Follow link to "Online Curriculum"
  • Choose From Three Great Content Sections:  (1) Find an Acivity   (2) Find an Entire Session   (3) Advanced Curriculum
  • Enter our Username:  AYSO36   and Password:  Soccer   (Note, both are case-sensitive)

Fridays wil be UK Trainer-Led Player Clinics once again!

Week 2 - U10 Striker/Finishing Clinic @ Bayside Field - 4:00-5:15pm for Girls U10 ... 5:30-6:45pm for Boys U10

Work on your footwork and shooting skills!  Learn what to do in the Attacking end of the field, when your team has the ball, when your teammate takes a shot!  Have Fun with UK Trainers Ashley and Michael!

Sign Up - Contact RCA Adam Berenstein (link below)- You will ge a response/confirmation email.,+Player+name,+Coach+name,+Team+numberEmail

Limit 20 players per session.  (Limit 3 players per team... Just a field space limitation, plus we want as many players/teams to have access.) Please, no walk ups! 
Come ready to play, bring your Cleats/Shin Guards/Ball/WATER BOTTLE!  This is a great chance to get some extra work in before Sat Week 2 Game!

Injuries and other problems...

Soccer is a fast game, and injuries sometimes occur.  Your first responsibility is to insure that the player is safe and receives medical care if needed.  If an injury does occur, even if you just "heard" about the injury from a parent or another player, a few steps are very important:

  1. Call for help, in needed.  Please program the SM Police Department into your cell phone.  Calling them directly at 650-522-7700 connects your cell phone directly to the police just as dialing 911 from home does.
  2. Remember that the Medical Release Forms are required at all practices and games.  If you want to make a second copy for your assistant, please make sure that the parents sign the copies.
  3. Contact our Safety Director by Email.
  4. Please fill out a Kids Zone Feedback report.  Please include everything you can - who, what, when, why, where, weather, etc.  This will be distributed to Region 36 administrators and coordinators as appropriate.
  5. Please fill out the AYSO Incident Report Form.  This will be sent to the AYSO National Office.  Mail the signed form to:

Region 36 Safety Director, 54 Burbank Ave., San Mateo CA 94403

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