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How do I get trained to be a U-10 Coach?

Thank you for volunteering to coach in the U-10 division.  AYSO and the City of San Mateo require the following training of al U-10 coaches.

When you get to Step 2, you will find the training is offered in several local cities.  Please take the training in the most convient location - the regions all offer the same program.  We have not listed the training times here as the available offerings tend to increase as the season approaches.

Step 1:  Take online courses SafeHaven and Concussion Awareness

  1. Sign up as a volunteer on our own San Mateo Website at
  2. Apply as a volunteer on the National Website at  This is the same website you used to generate your child's player application. 
  3. Once you are accepted as a volunteer, you need your AYSO ID#.  Go to and get your ID number.  It is on the lower left of the "home" screen.
  4. Go to the National AYSO Training Site at for your Safe Haven and for your Concussion Awareness training.  Safe Haven is required every two years, and you only need to take Concussion Awareness once.  Both of these trainings are in the Safe Haven section.

Step 2:  Take U-10 Coach and U-10 Field Session

  1. Go to and login.  
  2. On the right hand column, click on "Enroll to take a class".  
  3. Select "2" as the section and "N" as the Area.  Under Course, scroll down and select "U-10 Coach" or "U-10 Field Session Only".  Click on search.  A list appears of classes offered on the peninsula over the next couple of months.
  4. Select a course and then click “Course Signup".  You need to hake both the classroom training and the field session.

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