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** WARM UP - This Could Be The Most Important Part Of Your Practice Session!

There is a great program put together by FIFA, all about proper age-appropriate warm ups that you can integrate into your weekly team practice and pre-game activites.  Teaching our youth players about proper warm up and cool down techniques is really important, to prepare the athlete's body for physical activity and to minimize if not prevent injury.

Please take the time to review thie GREAT content and think about how to improve your team's approach to Warm Up activities!

FIFA 11 + A Complete Warm Up Program:

San Mateo AYSO welcomes back UK Soccer!

UK Soccer was responsible for the AYSO Soccer Summer Camps, and have been leading Coach Field Training classes all summer…  Team Training Sessions, (where UK Soccer Trainers Darren and Wez will join your team practice session!)
will be starting in a few weeks, as well as Player Clinics covering different Age Divisions and different Topics.
(ie: Goal Keeper Clinics, Shooting and Ball Control Clinics, Defender Clinics)  Info will be sent to coaches thru their Division Coordinators, and additional instructions will be posted on the Coach Tools Page....

These UK Trainers are exceptional young coaches with a ton of soccer + coaching experience, and they are excited to work with your teams.

Pease take advantage of this valuable coaching resource!  Questions about the UK Soccer Team Training Sessions?

Contact your RCA, Adam Berenstein –

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** UK Soccer - Online Curriculum

Special Access for San Mateo AYSO - This is a GREAT RESOURCE FOR COACHES!

GO To:
Username:  Sanmateo
Password:  uksoccer

** Positive Coaching Alliance (Partner with San Mateo AYSO)
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** Here are other Great Links for AYSO Coaches

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