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Privacy Statement:

Information from web-based adult volunteer registration, player clinics, and general feedback forms is collected and distributed to members of the San Mateo AYSO Board and other volunteers for registration and program improvement purposes.  Such information may include the youth player's names and addresses.  All information is considered confidential and is only used to support the local program.  Your email address may be used to promote the local program - for example: announcements of training dates, AYSO sponsored summer camps, goalkeeper clinics).  Some collected information is shared with the National AYSO and subject to the terms and conditions of their online privacy policy.

Users must be aware that this web site does not use high security connections and that email is used to communicate with members of San Mateo AYSO.  The information is thus not entirely secure from cyber-snooping.

Identifying information for children, including players names, ages, email addresses, and telephone numbers is collected in registration forms for program related workshops such as goalkeepers' clinics.  This information is only used as described above.

Photographs of children participating in the program are used on the web site.  In no case is the name of the player posted on the web site with the photograph.

This web site's server maintains logs of activities to help develop and maintain the web content.  The logs contain the IP addresses of all computers viewing the web. 

Cookies are used on the online quizzes and in other places.  No information is shared with outside organizations.

Copyright and Fair use:

Material in this web site is copyright © 2017 San Mateo AYSO Region 36.  Some information is copyright © AYSO and is used by permission.  Permission to use any local content on this site is freely given to any region of AYSO in support of the AYSO program.  Information derived from AYSO may be used by other regions as allowed by the National AYSO fair use policies.

Additional Information:

For additional information regarding the Privacy or Copyright and Fair Use, please contact the webmaster.

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