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AYSO Region 36 - San Mateo Sportsmanship Program

The purpose of the Sportsmanship program is to build character through soccer.  The principles of safety, fair play, and enjoyment are the key points of the program.  The key idea is RESPECT - respect for the participants, officials, coaches, spectators and for the game.

San Mateo AYSO uses a sportsmanship program designed to promote positive sportsmanship in the U10, U12 and U14 Divisions through the consistent, objective awarding of sportsmanship points by referees during regular season and tournament play.

Program Objectives

The Sportsmanship Program utilizes a points rating system to reward and reinforce positive behavior during games.  Points are awarded by game officials.

The Point System

The point system to be used is based on a four-point scale (0-3) in which both positive and negative sportsmanship by players, coaches and spectators is recognized through the addition or subtraction of sportsmanship points.  Sportsmanship points will be awarded as follows:

  • Exceptional = 3
  • Expected = 2
  • Below average = 1
  • Unacceptable = 0

Application of Points

Sportsmanship points will be used as qualification criteria for post-season tournament play:

  • A team must earn a minimum of 16 points during the 10 regular-season games to be eligible for post-season tournament play.
  • The award of two or more "0" sportsmanship points during regular season games disqualifies a team for post-season tournament play.  All "0" awards will be reviewed by the responsible referee, Division Coordinator, and the Regional Referee Administrator.
  • The sportsmanship point system will be applied in San Mateo Regional tournaments.

Sportsmanship points will be reported weekly on the AYSO Web site.

Point Deductions: Back of scorecard must be completed and a Kids Zone Feedback report will be filed by the referee.  The appropriate Division Coordinator will initiate an investigation for every game where a below average (1) or unacceptable (0) sportsmanship is identified.  Upon review of the Kid Zone Feedback Report the Regional Commissioner may proceed with one of the three hearing processes.

Level 1 Verbal Counseling:

Division coordinator will contact the head coach and discuss the incident in person or by phone.

Level 2 Formal Warning:

All division coordinators for age bracket meet with Head Coach and Assistant Coach for additional fact finding.  Written recap with any recommendations from Division Coordinator to coaches involved will follow no later than one day prior to next game.

Level 3 Regional Hearing:

Parties will meet with the Sportsmanship Committee for questions and answers.  The Sportsmanship Committee will make a recommendation and forward it to the Regional Commissioner.  The recommendation can range from verbal counseling to termination.  The Regional Commissioner will either approve or modify the recommendation.

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